The western most island of the Scandinavgrupp, Fastvatn, had been quarantined, rumour was that it was volcanic or seismic activity which had moved the government to enforce a military perimeter, but there were other stories. One of those stories was his, the true story, the factually accurate story. How did he know this? Because he had been there.

Staring at his remote deck, he unplugged from his encoded link on the public network and folded it into a small tablet no bigger than his hand, he unhooked the physical scrambler unit from it and stowed it in one of the many small pockets in his jacket, his deck he slid into another. He had little time, he had to move. It didn’t matter how good his obfuscation was, it would only slow the government down for so long. So far that time had been his escape window, but he knew it was only a matter of time.

He rose from his seat and exited the cubical. The holographic figure in the corner continued to dance erotically, the music thumped a rhythmic beat, the pink and blue neon lighting flashed out as the door to the room closed behind him. The corridor was as dark as his future had become. But truth often lurked in shadows.

Adventures across the worlds of the Anomaly are beginning. The investigative reporter, Jegan Robertsson, is completing his research on the phenomenon of geoshock, when his life is redirected by startling events.

The Anomaly project: a collaboration between Nathan M Hurst, Amir Zand and Lucas Thorn. Stories exploring the futures of humanity as empires rise and fall across the epochs of time.

Star Wars Pick-n-Mix

I read an article in the Culture section of the BBC website recently by Nicholas Barber, which I found myself agreeing to in the most part. I was directed there by a Tweet, but however much I find Twitter a great media tool, the 140 characters simply wasn’t enough space to reply. I found that when asked if Star Wars should have stopped at just one film, I had a few more characters to add.

Tusk - Humanity strive for a new home in this explosive Sci-Fi thriller by Nathan M Hurst.

Hiding in a starship crawlspace was not part of Larsen’s normal day. But then, what was a day in space when something wasn't trying to kill you?