The Collector

Removing junk from the orbit of Earth was a new and exciting project for all involved. They had attempted to use drones to do the job but nothing quite worked like a pilot on the spot to assess the situation and make crucial decisions. When an anomaly is detected, Captain Gibson is on hand and able to make the call. But when does human curiosity betray good judgement? When does the human instinct to help others become a liability? Is the truth always worth knowing?

Star Wars Pick-n-Mix

I read an article in the Culture section of the BBC website recently by Nicholas Barber, which I found myself agreeing to in the most part. I was directed there by a Tweet, but however much I find Twitter a great media tool, the 140 characters simply wasn’t enough space to reply. I found that when asked if Star Wars should have stopped at just one film, I had a few more characters to add.

Tusk - Humanity strive for a new home in this explosive Sci-Fi thriller by Nathan M Hurst.

Hiding in a starship crawlspace was not part of Larsen’s normal day. But then, what was a day in space when something wasn't trying to kill you?