Clarion has Landed!

First contact was never meant to be like this.

Clarion is now here. Book two of the Sol Protocol is now available in e-book and paperback formats.

Clarion: Prologue

He remembered his name; Travis. Memories of his capture and interrogation were fresh in his mind. He awoke, restrained and unable to move. The world was a washed out lifeless white, the heat of his surroundings unbearable. The old generations believed in heaven and hell. Wasn’t this meant to be heaven? He was confused, if this was heaven, what would hell be like? He had a feeling of foreboding, he was about to find out.

Adventures across the worlds of the Anomaly are beginning. The investigative reporter, Jegan Robertsson, is completing his research on the phenomenon of geoshock, when his life is redirected by startling events.

The Anomaly project: a collaboration between Nathan M Hurst, Amir Zand and Lucas Thorn. Stories exploring the futures of humanity as empires rise and fall across the epochs of time.

Star Wars Pick-n-Mix

I read an article in the Culture section of the BBC website recently by Nicholas Barber, which I found myself agreeing to in the most part. I was directed there by a Tweet, but however much I find Twitter a great media tool, the 140 characters simply wasn’t enough space to reply. I found that when asked if Star Wars should have stopped at just one film, I had a few more characters to add.

When Neil Armstrong uttered those immortal words ‘one giant leap for mankind’, did he envisage that within a couple of decades manned exploration of the solar system would all but cease? The passing of the astronaut Eugene Cernan recently made this even more poignant.