The Collector

Removing junk from the orbit of Earth was a new and exciting project for all involved. They had attempted to use drones to do the job but nothing quite worked like a pilot on the spot to assess the situation and make crucial decisions. When an anomaly is detected, Captain Gibson is on hand and able to make the call. But when does human curiosity betray good judgement? When does the human instinct to help others become a liability? Is the truth always worth knowing?


The planet killer asteroid which destroyed the ISS-3 but somehow bounced off the upper atmosphere and continued on its way into the void, concentrated minds, and focussed political will around the world. With a new found mandate, the space faring nations of the world embarked on their largest project since the Mars expeditions. Twenty six years after humanity’s near demise, AstrIID came online.

Eli A-19

Human exploration to the stars is a risky business. For the corporates mitigating that risk falls to the Enforcers, a group of operatives sent to seek out those who damage and destroy company property, who impede productivity and work against the common good in the mining facilities of the outer asteroid belt. Several industrial off world accidents had now cost the corporates vast sums in damages, litigation and material rebuilding. Solutions were required. Solutions were found. Eli A-19.


Being a surgeon meant he got to play with the most expensive toys. The Haptic Surgical Suit he wore was worth twenty years of his entire teams salary, but worth every penny. Once his weapon of choice would have been the scalpel, today he was more fighter pilot than a surgeon. Zipping up his suit he entered the haptic chamber and prepared for battle.

Three Points of Contact

As a climber the ReadyComm is your lifeline, your link to the outside world and safety. It is the device every mountaineer wants, a channel to rescue services, a navigational aide, an automatic emergency locator and general personal cell. A very smart device.

Killian's Perception

A game is a game, right? With the trials complete, Killian sets out with his friends to defend his homeland against the Legion. It is up to them now to destroy the Warp Tower and save humanity.