A New Man at the Bureau

Copyright © 2018
Nathan M. Hurst

Hubble-8 puffed out some corrective thrust and re-directed its primary telescope at the object 20,000 kilometres away. Adjusting for the low light intensity the optical lens motors corrected focus and corrected again, high powered LIDAR scanning activated to reinforce the sensory input and obtain any additional detail quickly. Information channels opened and data streamed back to Earth listening stations with priority alerts.

A sudden intense heat began to build across the tiny spacecraft as instruments brightened to a white out, internal temperatures rising from -200 to 1500 degrees Celsius in less than a second as components and internal circuits died. A burst transmission escaped the destruction of the satellite.

Urgently, a covert group of global leaders quietly assemble on the Orbital Command Platform named Green Vale. A select group to implement global corrective action.

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