Xenogene Cover Teaser

With the turn of a new decade, I've been busy working away at the next in the Sol Protocol saga. With the book almost complete and now deep into the edit, there comes a part of the process I always enjoy. The fun elements of cover design. Another great piece of work by the brilliant Sparth, to set the tone and visual style.

I hope you enjoy this sneak peak at the cover work for, Xenogene. Due for release 2020.


Hatsu Takahashi had been an amateur astronomer since her father bought her a simple telescope for her eleventh birthday. Since that day, she had been captivated by the beauty and vast expanse of the universe that was her home. Planning observations and working to capture images to increase her knowledge of the stars and constellations had become a driving passion. Every week she would go to the parks around Fuji, away from the light and noise of her city and explore the heavens.

With bicycle laid on the ground, backpack open and kit everywhere, she worked to set up the tripod supporting a far more advanced telescope than that of her childhood. There was urgency in her actions and concern on her face.

Tonight the sky had become alarming and dangerous. Tonight, life would change forever.

Nathan @ Thames-Con 2019

More upcoming convention fun. The next chance to catch me for book signing and sci-fi chat will be at the excellent Thames-Con 2019. A great early summer day out. If you're in the Oxford area on the 28th April, pop in and say 'Hi', it will be great to see you.

It was a wonderful surprise and honour to be nominated for the Book Viral 2018 Millennium Book Award this year, alongside some very exciting competition. The winner will be announced on 14th December 2018. I have a few new titles to add to my reading list.

See the shortlisted authors at 2018 BookViral Millennium Book Award

"An intriguing science-fiction read with plenty of action, suspense, and assumptions that get turned on their heads. Run, don't walk, to add this one to your TBR list."

Read the full review at Out of this World Reviews

A New Man at the Bureau

Very excited to announce a cool collaboration between myself and Stephen Sampson. I've been rolling this idea around for a while and finally decided to create a short story as a concept piece, Stephen provided the brilliant character cover art. The Green Vale Affair is espionage in the darkness of space, behind the closed doors of power and corruption. As a mounting threat looms from the deepest reaches of the void, humanity needs to react.

If you like your spies and you like your space, I hope you enjoy The Green Vale Affair.


Jagen Robertsson part III

He had changed. He could feel the world about him becoming unfiltered, somehow louder. He would take to his room for days at a time, speaking to no one, closing the world out with shutters and darkness. But his mind wouldn’t rest and he would perpetually relive experiences meshed with improved data from new sources, his brain correlating and building ever more detailed pictures of the world. It was overwhelming.

He needed to resolve matters before he went insane. He needed to get back to the monolith on Fastvatn.

The only trouble was, there were those who didn’t want him to return. Three kidnap teams had been foiled already, he knew there would be further attempts. He had become the most valuable commodity on the planet – the key to unlock all their futures.


Jagen Robertsson part II

In the underground cloisters of an old cathedral to the god of Light, a small group of anti-government rebels waged a fight for truth. People were dying because of the structures which were appearing around the planet, governments were attempting to keep things quiet, understanding only that the technology to deliver these monoliths was far in advance of current understanding and as such could only contain mysteries worth killing for. From his point of view this thinking was muddle-headed, but Jagen Robertsson had been privileged enough to be shown a glimpse of where these structures had come from. An advanced past long forgotten, or a future yet to be? The confusion of the vision was unclear, but a drive to unravel its secrets had become all consuming.

Clarion: Prologue

He remembered his name; Travis. Memories of his capture and interrogation were fresh in his mind. He awoke, restrained and unable to move. The world was a washed out lifeless white, the heat of his surroundings unbearable. The old generations believed in heaven and hell. Wasn’t this meant to be heaven? He was confused, if this was heaven, what would hell be like? He had a feeling of foreboding, he was about to find out.


Jagen Robertsson part I

The western most island of the Scandinavgrupp, Fastvatn, had been quarantined, rumour was that it was volcanic or seismic activity which had moved the government to enforce a military perimeter, but there were other stories. One of those stories was his, the true story, the factually accurate story. How did he know this? Because he had been there.

Staring at his remote deck, he unplugged from his encoded link on the public network and folded it into a small tablet no bigger than his hand, he unhooked the physical scrambler unit from it and stowed it in one of the many small pockets in his jacket, his deck he slid into another. He had little time, he had to move. It didn’t matter how good his obfuscation was, it would only slow the government down for so long. So far that time had been his escape window, but he knew it was only a matter of time.

He rose from his seat and exited the cubical. The holographic figure in the corner continued to dance erotically, the music thumped a rhythmic beat, the pink and blue neon lighting flashed out as the door to the room closed behind him. The corridor was as dark as his future had become. But truth often lurked in shadows.